Friday, June 8, 2012

LCD Display ways, a solution for Nokia 1616 Display Problem

If you encountered and try to fix a display problem like white screen, blue screen, a blank or black screen display on Nokia 1616. And also tried to replace it with a new LCD replacement but nothing happens and the problem still exists.  This solution will show you a particular component parts which possibly might damaged and cause the LCD display problem.

 The Nokia 1616 LCD Display pin connections to each particular components

The LCD display data signals are feeds from the data processor IC and filtered by a surface mount inductors or filter coil and a also chip resistors.  If this chip filter coil and  chip resistors being damaged, the display data signals which being feed to the LCD will be cut off and result to a display problem issues.
You may trace first the line paths of the LCD pins to each corresponding chip filter coils, Then check all of each surface mount inductor coil and resistors, all of the resistors valued  100 ohms each.

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