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Download MXBOX hti setup v3.5 revision 2.1


Android & Infineon Tool SamsunG Free Tools ver 2.0

CoolSand Service Codes mobile free

*#1830*# Engineer mode
*#6495*# Factory Mode
*#82510# Auto test
*#18*# Auto test
*#64*# Version info summery
*#88# Self test
*#3696# Open/close usb mode
*#002# Restore factory default it will wash security code too
*#11# Start record screen
*#12# Stop Record Screen
*#21# Play list
*#005# Start trace memory card
*#006# Stop trace memory card
**04*# Network selection

PBTool Setup and Update News v0.6.16

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Extract PBTOOL Software to : C:\Program Files\PBTool

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PBTool Setup – Download

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volcano box 1.2.7 beta 6 mediafire depositfiles free download

volcano box 1.2.7 beta 6 mediafire depositfiles free download

LCD Display ways, a solution for Nokia 1616 Display Problem

If you encountered and try to fix a display problem like white screen, blue screen, a blank or black screen display on Nokia 1616. And also tried to replace it with a new LCD replacement but nothing happens and the problem still exists.  This solution will show you a particular component parts which possibly might damaged and cause the LCD display problem.

 The Nokia 1616 LCD Display pin connections to each particular components

The LCD display data signals are feeds from the data processor IC and filtered by a surface mount inductors or filter coil and a also chip resistors.  If this chip filter coil and  chip resistors being damaged, the display data signals which being feed to the LCD will be cut off and result to a display problem issues.
You may trace first the line paths of the LCD pins to each corresponding chip filter coils, Then check all of each surface mount inductor coil and resistors, all of the resistors valued  100 ohms each.

Nokia 1800, 1616 LCD Display Problem - Lines and components Test and Tracing spots

This repair solution show the particular components and line paths of  Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Lcd display signals. This guide can be used for quick troubleshooting and repairing display problem issues on Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616.
This repair guide shows  on where and which particular components of the LCD data signal feeds across to a particular components, including even the solder ball bumps of the infeon X-gold 110 chip through to the LCD filter coils, resistors and LCD display module.

 There are two LCD voltages that feeds to the LCD module, the 1.8 volts Dc which is in color pink line and the 2.8 volts which is in green line.  The other four which are the display data signals.
This guide is useful when the display data filter coils and resistors already been replaced but the problem still exists. You can trace all of those corresponding line paths when the time that you need to remove, rework and even trying to replace a new IC

Solutions for Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Insert Sim Card Problem

Here's a complete repair guide to fix Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Insert Sim Card problem issues. This solution shows the complete line paths of the SIM card circuit which we can used for easy troubleshooting procedures, including its connection to the IC components solder ball bumps.

Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Sim card circuit connection layout

The Sim card circuit of Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 used an  EMI filter chip for the circuit protection.
This EMI filter IC can be damaged if an excessive electromagnetic interference or electrostatic discharge interfere with the circuit. The Vsim which is the voltage being supplied to the sim card to make it work also cause the problem if being cut or damaged, this voltage range from 1.8  to 2.4 volts, the voltage varies according to the type of SIM card.

Repair hints for Insert SIM card Problem repair procedures:
1. You may check the circuit surroundings first and see to it that it is free from dirt, foreign object and corrosion, a corroded components may also cause the problem, clean it first as necessary.

2. You may start to check the VSIM line paths continuity  by using a multimeter, start from the VSIM capacitor   through to the SIM card pin connector, to check if that said line is okay.

3. Check the ground line of the sim card pin connector, If the ground line is cut it also cause the problem.

4. Remove the EMI filter chip if the above check up is okay, check the EMI filter IC internal line paths, from solder bumps; A2 and A3 are the line for the the SIM data and the resistance value is 100ohms, B1 and B3 SIM reset, the resistance value is 100 ohms also and then C1 and C3 for the SIM clock signals which has a resistance of 47 ohms. Replace it if found busted or damaged, you can easily find a replacement for it in other non working Nokia cell phone models PCB board that has an EMI filter IC also, just look for the solder bumps configuration if it's same.

5. This part may need an adequate experience and extra care to handle with or you may end up killing the phone, if you are a beginner mobile phone techie  you may need to ask assistance to your head tech or a senior and most experience one technician before doing this procedure.
Now if all the above does not solve the problem, you may need to reflow, rework, remove the main IC labeled X-gold 110, then check the solder bumps continuity through to the SIM pin connectors, then reball it and in-place it back

Charging problem solution for Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616

This solution shows the complete line paths of Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 charging circuit connections that can be used for repairing charging problem issues on the device such as, Not charging, Charging no response when inserted or it does not show charging indication when a charger is being plug-in.

Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 Not Charging Solution  ( circuit connection line paths )

Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 charging ways

Repair Procedure on Nokia 1800 and Noki1616 not charging problem.
procedure below may varies accordingly from case to case basis.

1. Check the charging pin connector if its free from dirt and corrosion. Clean it if corroded or  find a replacement spare on it then replace it.

2. Check and clean the charging pin connector terminal contact pads.

3. Check the chip fuse if it is busted or damaged by using a multimeter. If found damaged, check the chip diode if shorted. Replace both of it the don't apply jumper on the chip fuse, this method can still save the phone in the future, if you apply jumper on it directly the phone will be dead if a short circuit happen on that particular area again and other than that, it's so very unprofessional way.
You can easily find a replacement of this spare parts component to other non working PCB board.

4. Check all the  components remaining as shown on the solution picture, a resistor marked R2200 is a fusible resistor which has a value of 0.55 ohms. This resistance value consider as fusible and may easily break or cut if a short circuit has occurs like a water damaged devices.

5. Those  transistor shown in the solution image  is the voltage regulator that holds and control the charging voltage from the battery charger. The small one has six legs on it and the other one which the big has three legs, just refer to the PCB board layout of your device for the exact component layout.
replace both of it if not so familiar to check those components.

6. The last part needs adequate experience to perform if all of the above does not solve the problem,
Take note: you may do this at your own risk.. just don't do it if your just a beginner or you may end up killing the phone.  re-flowing and reworking the X-gold 110 chip needs extra care and proper training

Keypad and LCD Display backlight LED failure solution for Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616

This solutions shows the location of particular components or spare parts on the PCB board layout that might get damaged and cause the device for unable to light up the LCD display backlight LED's including the keypad backlight LED.

Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 LCD display backlights circuit components layout

This also includes the line paths of each particular voltage and current that feeds to the backlight LED's of the LCD display module from the inner most part of the main ic component solder ball bumps for deep troubleshooting analysis.

Repair tips: check and have a continuity test on all filter coils and each lines paths from where it is being connected according to the picture's layout

Earpiece and Ringer Speaker Solution for Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616

Here's the repair solution to solve and fix nokia 1800 and nokia 1616 Earpiece and Loud Speaker (Ringer/buzzer) failure. In nokia 1800 and nokia 1616 the earpiece and ringer circuit have been combined and connected to a single speaker unlike the old types which  have both different speaker in each circuit.

The  below solution picture shows the line paths and layout of components for the Earpiece Speaker.You may trace all of those corresponding components if having trouble with the earpiece or Earpiece Audio sound problem. The positive and negative audio signal which flow across into four coils, a chip resistor 4.6 ohms and an EMI filter chip before it being feeds to the Speaker terminal pads and so on to the speaker.

Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Earpiece Speaker components layout and line paths

The two remaining components are chip resistors, this resistors are fusible resistors with has a zero ohms value. Both positive and negative Audio signals also flow into the two filter coils and the emi filter chip then feeds trough to the speaker.

Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Loud Speaker ( Ringer/Buzzer) line paths and components layout

All those components are very easy to check and you may find a replacement on it if found busted or damaged. If all of its corresponding components were already replace and making sure that all of it working perfectly okay but the problem still exists and no audio sound can be heard over the speaker, we may now consider that the problem lies on the line paths between the main IC or the IC itself is being damaged. connections.

Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Earpiece and Ringer IC component solder ball bumps connection

The last solution solution for this is to reflow, rework the main IC component. Be sure to check the line paths of corresponding solder ball bumps of the IC component which holds the earpiece or the  ringer loud speaker, after reballing it and inplacing it back.
Just be careful and have a good heat temperature and air flow control using you reworking station in handling the main IC module

Microphone problem of Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 repair solution

Here's a simple solution that can be used to repair a damaged Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 Mouthpiece microphone problem, In this repair guide it shows the location of  particular components that might possibly damaged when the problem occurs. Tis solution can be used after in-placing or installing a new microphone module on the device but the problem still exists and does not solve the problem.

Mouthpiece microphone components layout and tracing line paths for nokia 1800 and nokia 1616

Repair tips:
1. Check or replace a new microphone replacement before proceeding..
2. make sure that microphone's contact pads is absolutely clean, a poor contact pads of the microphone's terminal also cause the problem.
3. check those two filter coil near the microphones contact pads, have a continuity check between the microphone's contact pad's core to each corresponding filter coil. The inner layer core is the positive and the outer layer core which  is the negative.
4. Continue to check the line paths across  to microphones circuit as shown on repair guide solution above. Trace and make sure that both positive and negative line is not cut or does not have an open circuit.
5. The B+ line indicated in the guide is the microphone's circuit power supply, If this said supply voltage is missing or cut also causes the microphone nonfunctional.
A poor quality audio sound signal also occurs if there is a damaged components on that part.
6. The IC component solder ball bumps that holds the microphones connection can be used to trace those lines if an internal cut or damaged occurred, when all of the above hints does not solve the problem.

Power ON-OFF switch Key Line paths for Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616

Here's the solution to repair Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 power ON/OFF switch problem.
This problem may cause the device unable to power up when hitting the power key. The problem may easily configured if the power ON and OFF switch key has no response, but the device is not totally dead for it shows a charging indication when you charge it up. Now, this solution simply shows the line paths (ON OFF ways)of the power key.

Nokia 1616, 1800 Power ON OFF switch Line Paths (ON and OFF ways)

Hints for repair: when the device will unable to power up when hitting the power key button but it shows charging indication when you plug-in the battery charger, the problem may possibly lies on the power key line paths. But before tracing the line paths, you must see to it that the keypad membrane is perfectly clean and free from dirt, corrosion and oxidation. You can check the power ON/OFF voltage to the inner core of the switch key terminal pads, this voltage may range approximately  from 1to 3 volts. If there is no voltage reading you get on that spot, locate and trace the  test spots for the power switch, see the picture guide above, it is located just near the keypad LED. Make a continuity check by using a multimeter to those corresponding spots indicated on the picture guide, from the power key pads through to each corresponding component. The outer core is connected to a chip capacitor located near the clock crystal oscillator.

No Signal problem for Nokia 1616 and Nokia 1800 solution

Here's the solution that shows the particular components that might get damaged when the Nokia 1616 and nokia 1800 having a signal problem issues. This repair solution guide shows the layout of a components and particular test spots to check during servicing NO network signal problem.

Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616 No network signal Solution

The RF circuit is located at the bottom of the pcb board. The RF clock oscillator and the RF power amplifier chip is a good spots where to begin  checking up. Before trying to remove and replace this ic component, you may check the corresponding Vbat voltage first on the chip capacitors indicated on the picture. This Vbat voltage is a power supply voltage that came from the battery positive terminal. The TX chip resistor that have  resistance value of ohms is where a part of TX signal flows across to it from the RF clock oscillator, you may check it also.

Solution to fix Charger Not Supported on Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616

Charger not supported occurs if the battery temperature resistor is being damaged, This solution shows the exact location of this said chip resistor on the main PCB board. This chip resistor needs to replace if a charger not supported will show on the LCD display screen during when a battery charger is being plug-in.

Nokia 1800 and nokia 1616 charger not supported solution

The value of this said chip resistor is 47K, you may find a replacement on it any non working old nokia PCB board.

Nokia 1616 Keypad and LCD screen display backlight problem solution

Nokia 1616 Keypad and LCD screen display backlight problem solution

Here's the Nokia 1616 solution for keypad and LCD screen display backlight LED problem, that result to dark screen display on the LCD screen and no illuminating light LED on the keypads.We revive this solution for too many new techies asking from our request box for a complete guide, since we already have created a solution for this in here.

Now, we are going to tackle a few more hints on how to easily solved the Nokia 1616 keypad and LED light problem situation if occurred.

The given solution will show you the much clearer image of the Nokia 1616 backlight LED circuit. The components and its connection line paths were completely highlighted for easy troubleshooting procedures.

Nokia 1616 LCD screen display and keypads LED back light problem solution

Here's the step by step hints on how to fix the Nokia 1616 LCD screen and keypad LED problem:
This may only works assuming that you already tried the software or firmware calibration but nothing happens.  So here's the hardware repair as follows:
1. Check the VBAT 3.7V supply voltage across the two inductor coils. Check also this coils if damaged, then replace.
2. Check the the Keypad backlight LED bulb below the the circuit. If that white LED bulb is damaged the LCD backlight will also not light up or glow. So ensure that its perfectly working or replace with a new one.
3. Trace the connection line paths of the LED+ and LED- to the spots were it is being connected. There is a test spots given on the PCB board where you can check the supply voltage of the LCD backlight LED.
4. Check the switching transistor, there are two 2.2 ohms resistors which is connected to ground, replace if found damaged or faulty.
5. If all of the above procedures has been done and seems there is no problem,. You may then replace the LCD if the LCD shows a dark screen. there is a tendency that the LCD's LED is already damaged.
You can also trace the backlight LED connection from the test spots down to the PINS or solder pads of the LCD screen, just to ensure that this connection is not open or cut-off.

That's it... hope you like this new version of Nokia 1616 solution from us. Enjoy!

Nokia 5130 USB to PC connection Not detected Solution

This solution may help to fix if the Nokia 5130 unable to be detected by the PC when being connected via USB. If the driver is properly installed and the USB cable wire is okay but something went wrong and the PC won't detect the device.

The solution below show which particular components that needs to be check and or replace if found damaged. The USB connector pin and the corresponding components is being highlighted for easy checked up procedures.

Nokia 5130 USB to PC Not Detected Solution

There is a USB transceiver IC mounted near to the USB Pin connector, you  may replace this IC if found damaged

Nokia 5130 Memory Card Not Detected or Not Inserted Solution

This solution below can be used to troubleshoot and repair a damaged Nokia 5130 that has a Memory card problem issues such as Memory card not detected or the device unable to detect the memory microSD card even it is being already inserted.

Ensure to update the device flash firmware first before you may proceed to used this solution.

Nokia 5130 Memory Card not Detected Solution

There is a detector switch on MicroSD slot holder that triggers the device to activate the MMC circuit, check it if it is still working. You can read a voltage on that spots when the microSD is not inserted and then it dropped to 0 volts when the microSD card is inserted.
 Check and ensure also the MicroSD card holderfree from dust, dirt, molds and oxidation build up, clean it if necessary.
Check the supply voltage of the MMC controller chip, If all of this voltages is okay, you may need to replace the MMC IC.

Nokia 5130 Auto Shut Off, restart problem solution

Here's the Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic solution that we revive for some request, and this covers on auto shut off and often restart problem. This problem will cause the phone to automatically shut down even without switching it off or touching anything.

In order to fix this problem you may first try to flash, restore or update the device firmware, you may use a higher versions available like flash file rm-495 7.95, we already tested it for Nokia 5130c Xpressmusic.

Sometimes a software calibration doesn't fix the problem, like you succesfully flash the phones firmware many times using your flashing device but the problem still exits. Some problem is cause by a faulty hardware components. The solution below shows some components that if become faulty or cause by an oxidation it will result to auto shut off problem.

The ESD filter resistors on the button switches also cause the problem if damaged or oxidized. Visually check it, clean it, replace or remove it, the phone will still work without it..  but much better to replace it for it is an ESD protection components.
The keypads ESD/EMI filter if shorted or oxidized, it will cause the phone to hang up or frozen and the keypads doesn't work and also shut off the phone, it is because the power key is also connected to it.
You may clean it first, or rework it.v

Nokia 5130 power ON-OFF key jumper ways

Here's the Nokia 5130 Power ON and OFF key line spot for jumpering solution. This solution can help fix Nokia 5130 Xpressmusic that shows charging indication when the battery charger is plug-in but it does not turns ON when the power key is being pressed.
The Power ON/OFF key is isolated and not connected to other group of key connection for it only holds for switching or powering up the device. There is an open spots near the keypad filter IC that the power ON and OFF key can be connected when the power key fails or or if the line is cut or open.

The solution above shows the spots where you can apply a jumper wire when the power ON OFF key line path of Nokia 5130  is open or cut more

Nokia X3-02 Camera Problem Solution

Here's a solution for Nokia X3-02 Camera hardware failure problem. The solution shows which components needs to check on the PCB board if the camera failed to work.

Note: you may first check, restore or flash update the device firmware before proceeding to hardware troubleshooting. If the firmware calibration already done but it didn't fix the problem, refer to the solution below and do have a check procedures on some components. 

The camera of X3-02 is mounted on the flex board connection, you may first visually check the flex ribbon for possible damaged. There are two supply voltages needs the camera to work, the VAUX1 2.78V and the VIO 1.8V voltage. You may check and trace these two supply voltages, in most cases if these voltages losses it will result to camera failure problem

Nokia 2700 classic Power ON/OFF Key Solution - Switch button jumper ways

Here's the solution  that may help fix and repair Nokia 2700 classic Power problem. This solution is for Nokia 2700 classic that shows charging indication but doesn't  get On or power up when pressing the power key switch button.  Although this solution came late but  still there are many who are looking and requesting  this solution.

Nokia 2700C Power On -Off key Switch Line Tracks

There is line test spots near the Keypad filter IC that can be easily check the power/ end key line paths, just apply a jumper wire if that line is open or cut.
If the said line spots is okay, you may need to check and replace the upper Keypad Filter IC