Thursday, May 17, 2012

Motorola Flashfile Firmwares Download

Motorola ODM,Windows Mobile and P2K Flashfile Firmwares Download for the following Models:
c113, c115, c117, c118, c119, 139, c155, c168, c200, c205, c257, c261, c300, e365, t190, t191, v171, v177, w205, w218, w220, w375, mpx200, mpx220, c350, c350l, c380, c390, c450, c550, c650, e1, e398, k1, k3, l2, l6, l7, l7e, l9, t720, t720i, u6, u9, v3, v3i, v3x, v3r, v6, v8, v150, v180, v220, v300, v500, v600, v360, v535, v547, v635, w510, z3, z6

Firmware for Motorola ODM Models Types

Model Version Download Size File type Description
C113, C115 1.0.38 download 3.92 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v7.3.04.6
C117 3.1.67 download 3.52 MB main+lp+flex
C118 3.0.73 download 3.55 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v7.3.04.6
C119 3.0.73 download 3.68 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v7.3.04.6
C139 1.0.03 download 2.29 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.1.03
C155 0.3.44 download 6.22 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.0
C168 1.090 download 18.37 MB main+lp+flex+pc_redownload_v4.3.3
C200, C205 1.24 download 2.03 MB main+lp
C257 0.1.66 download 8.20 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.2.0.9
C261 0.1.66 download 8.08 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.2.0.9
C300 1.06 download 2.47 MB main+lp
E365 2.1.15 download 17.46 MB main+lp+flex+mme_v0.3.6
T190 5.88 download 1.65 MB main+lp+dmtool_v9.3.04.6
6.07zeus download 1.59 MB main+lp
T191 1.87 download 5.27 MB main+lp+dmtool_v3.15
V171 4.4.69 download 5.45 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v9.3.04.6
V177 0.1.66 download 8.08 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.2.09
W205 0.2.70 download 3.72 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.4.0.6
W218 0.5.77 download 4.28 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.4.0.6
W220 1.28 download 17.97 MB main+lp+flex+pc_redownload_v4.3.3
W375 0.0.80 download 9.10 MB main+lp+flex+dmtool_v1.2.1.15

Firmware for Motorola Windows Mobile Model Types

Model Version Download Size Description
MPX200 wm2003 download 20.45 MB firmware + software + manual firmware
MPX220 1.49 download 32.78 MB firmware + software + manual firmware

Firmware for Motorola P2K Model Types

Model Type Version Flex Version Download Language Package Size Description
С350 C350 09.04.74R SE6284AXXU1098 download 0011 7.87 MB reflash+flex
C350l R312ULS 09.10.82R SE7606AXXU1080 download 0011 4.85 MB reflash+flex
C380 R365 0B.D2.23R SE7693BXXU1114 download 002E 9.24 MB monsterpack
C390 R368 0B.A0.0FR SE8943AXXU101E download 002E 9.00 MB monsterpack
C450 R312ULSHA 09.10.29R SE7665AXXT1079 download 002B 5.28 MB reflash+flex
C550 R321 0A.10.24R SE8342AXXU408D download 0011 10.49 MB monsterpack
C650 R365 0B.D2.32R SE8402BXXU1113 download 002E 9.55 MB monsterpack
E1, E398 R373 0E.30.42R SE7007AXXU107A download 002E 15.01 MB monsterpack
E1000 R26LD 83.39.24I USE1000SAUFIR26007 download 002C 15.60 MB monsterpack
K1 R4527 08.02.81R GSTCNRYT677VW136 download 002D 26.20 MB monsterpack (sbf)
R452F 08.03.08R GSTCNRYRRTRU091 download 002E 19.53 MB monsterpack (sbf)
K3 R261171LD 99.41.04R USSUMBARTRUR261171018 download 0036 23.06 MB monsterpack (sbf)
L2 R3511 0A.53.15R SE5410AXXU2107 download 0051 12.16 MB monsterpack
L6 R3511 0A.52.26R SE5408AXXJ8098 download 000D 12.47 MB monsterpack
L7 R4513 08.B7.AER SE5743AXXU1118 download 002E 15.51 MB monsterpack
L7e R452D 08.01.0AR GSTHAWAIIRTRU06F download 002E 17.76 MB monsterpack (sbf)
L9 R452J 08.22.04R GSTHAWITRTRU086 download 002E 17.93 MB monsterpack
T720, T720i T720PM 05.41.65R SE4187AXXU1126 download 0011 5.71 MB reflash+flex
U6 R478 08.84.2DR SE8281AXXU1156 download 002E 14.50 MB monsterpack
U9 R6632 81.11.29R GSJPICORTRU052 download 0031 63.56 MB monsterpack (sbf)
V3 R374 0E.41.C3R SE8602AXXU10C3 download 002E 13.43 MB monsterpack
V3i R479 08.B4.34R SE7722AXXW604F download 002C 18.01 MB monsterpack
V3r R4515 08.BD.44R SE6834AXXU1098 download 002E 14.60 MB monsterpack
R4515 08.BD.B3R SE6834AXXU1141 download 002E 11.5 MB monsterpack
V3x R252211LD 85.97.70R USRAZRV3XNRDRXXR25221035 download 002C 22.21 MB monsterpack
V3xx R26111LD 96.A0.0ER USIZRGBLRTRUR2611102A download 0036 20.51 MB monsterpack (sbf)
V6 R26111VL 96.A0.0DR USVOLANSRTRUR26111033 download 0036 23.06 MB monsterpack (sbf)
V8 R601 80.42.39R GSQLIDORTBBN060 download 002D 12.16 MB monsterpack (sbf)
V150 V150 09.09.06R SE6284AXXU1098 download 0011 7.34 MB reflash+flex
V180 R365 0B.D2.2FR SE7548BXXU1113 download 002E 9.15 MB monsterpack
V220 R365 0B.D2.2FR SE8509BXXU1113 download 002E 9.58 MB monsterpack
V300, V500, V600 TRIPLETS 0B.09.72R SE6424AXXT11D4 download 0032 11.34 MB monsterpack
V360 R4513 08.B7.5AR SE6159AXXU10E2 download 002E 14.00 MB monsterpack
V535 R376 0E.66.0ER SE5115AXXU10A7 download 002E 13.89 MB monsterpack
V547 R472 08.18.40R SE7498BXXU10D6 download 002E 13.09 MB monsterpack
V635 R474 08.48.93R GSPFIJICIN02NA0F4 download 002E 16.55 MB monsterpack
V975 R26 83.39.26I SE6070AXXW6023 download 002C 14.29 MB monsterpack
W510 R452G 08.11.05R GSTPEMBARTUA081 download 002E 18.89 MB monsterpack (sbf)
Z3 R452B 08.01.05R GSTCPRIRRTRU0C6 download 002E 18.58 MB monsterpack (sbf)
Z6 R60 80.33.44R GSQACENRTRU055 download 002E

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