Thursday, May 31, 2012

LG Mobile Phones Flashfile Firmwares

LG Mobile Phones Flashfile Firmwares for the following Unit/model handsets:
a7150, b1300, b1200, b200, b2070, b2100, b2150, b2250, c1100, c1150, c1200, c1400, c2100, c2200, c2500, c3310, c3320, c3380, c3400, c3600, f1200, f2100, f2200, f2300, f2400, f2410, f3000, f7100, g1500, g1600, g1610, g1800, g3000, g3100, g5200, g5220, g5300, g5310, g5400, g5500, g5600, g7000a, g7030, g7050, g7070, g7100, kc550, kc560, kc780, kc910, ke500, ke590, ke600, ke770, ke800, ke820, ke850, ke970, ke990, kf240, kf300, kf350, kf510, kf600, kf700, kf750, kf755, kg110, kg120, kg130, kg190, kg200, kg210, kg225, kg245, kg270, kg276, kg280, kg288, kg290, kg296, kg300, kg320, kg370, kg800, kg810, kg920, km380, km500, kp105, kp110, kp130, kp152, kp200, kp220, kp265, kp320, kp500, ks20, ks360, l342i, l1100, m4410, m6100, p7200, s3500, s5000, s5200, t5100, w3000, w5200, w7000

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