Saturday, March 24, 2012

UCT v4.41b Released - SPD SC6610/20 Support, MTK 6252 Imp, Mstar 8533C Fix

--------===== UCT Box Release v4.41b =====-----------

  • New Version 4.41b has been released for UCT Box. Includes UCT Fusion v1.70 & UCT Box Firmware Upgrade v1.56
  • Please download it from official support area at
  • Make sure to uninstall all previous versions before installing it.

New in UCT Setup v4.41b:

  • SpreadTrum (SPD): SPD SC6610/20 full support (Under beta)
  • SpreadTrum (SPD): SPD SC6610/20 format improved
  • SpreadTrum (SPD): Unlock improved for SpreadTrum handsets (All Flash Size)
  • SpreadTrum (SPD): SPD SC6610/20 Read Flash & Write Flash bug fixed
  • SpreadTrum (SPD): Now Support Gigabyte / Fidelix / Winbond / EON / SST
  • MediaTek (MTK): MTK 6252 Communication bug fixed
  • MStar: MStar 8533C improved
  • MStar: MStar Read/write speed improved
  • New Serial Flash Memory Support: SF_PCT26WF064
  • New Serial Flash Memory Support: SF_FM25M32A
  • New Serial Flash Memory Support: SF_MX25L12833EZ

UCT Box - The Best Box for SpreadTrum, MTK & MStar Phones

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