Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nokia 1508 MIC Solution, Mouthpiece Microphone Jumper Tracks

nokia 1508 1506 mic jumper waysHere's the Nokia 1508 solution for not working microphone problem. This simple solution shows the basic procedure on how to fix the phone if the said microphone failed to work.

Refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted component on the PCB board, then do some basic procedure on how to troubleshoot the problem.

Nokia 1508 Mic Ways- Connection Line Paths

To fix a microphone problem on Nokia 1508, you may first check the microphone module using a multimeter, or try to replace it with  a new one. If the microphone module seems working, check and read the microphone bias supply voltage. If the voltage reading is okay. Check all the corresponding connected components on the MIC circuit, you may start checking from the filter coils, diodes and bypass capacitors.
A poor, gargled and saturated sound quality is also cause by a faulty components on that circuit, you may replace the resistors and capacitors in the MIC circuit.

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